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Henna Pens
Henna Pens

 Henna Penna - Henna Tattoo Pen

The Henna Penna is a pen filled with henna extract that is used to make natural tattoos and skin decorations. Henna Penna is quick and easy to use. The colour driesimmediately and stays on your skin for approximately 2 - 7 days on most skin results may vary from person to person. The tattoos can be made darker and refreshed simply by reapplying.


Henna Eyes - Henna Tattoo Pen

Henna Eyes is a revolutionary product that gives the contour of your eyes a fashionable and long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract. Henna Eyes is a semi-permanent eyeliner based on 100% natural ingredients.


Henna Lips - Henna Tattoo Pen


Henna Lips is a semi-permanent, two-tipped lip liner based on 100% natural ingredients. Since Henna Lips is water based and not waxy, it won’t feel sticky on yourlips.


Henna Eyebrow Pen 

A well-shaped set of eyebrows properly colored can completely alter your look. With Henna Eye brows felt-tip, semi-permanent pen you will have the stunning look you deserve.By semi-permanent we mean that instead of the ink lying on the top of your skin, it is partially absorbed by your skin, making it more difficult to smudge with your fingers. Because of Henna known properties of staining the skin without any side effect, you will have a long lasting effect that you always wanted.Because henna Eye brows pen has a very fine, felt-tip point, you can be very accurate with it, and get a more natural line than you could with one of the thick brushes you might have with other liquid eyeliners. Blends easily with brows hair and colors them. Long lasting for all day wear.

Application: Henna Eye Brows can be applied only on eye brows, not inside the eyes. Close cap after using it to avoid contents from drying out.

Sensitive skins: apply on small area first

Ingredients: Lawsonia Alba, Matricaria Chamomila, Vaccinus Myrtillus,Vitis Vinifera, Camellia Sinensis, Hydrolized wheat protein, Linum Ussitassimum. May contains any of food colors Cl 42090, 16035, 19140. Contains natural henna extracts


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