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The Henna Penna is a pen filled with henna extract that is used to make natural tattoos and skin decorations. Henna Penna is quick and easy to use. The color dries immediately and stays on your skin for approximately seven days. The tattoos can be made darker and refreshed simply by reapplying.
Henna Cones & Tubes
We sell ready mixed Henna Paste for hair application. We also sell ready mix paste in cones and tube for body , hand & feet design, tattoos and more. Now you don't have to worry about how to prepare the paste what herbs you need to mix to get the right color. We have it done for you. We have one of the best selling henna tubes in the world. we also sell freshly made cones of henna paste for hands & body decoration.
Henna Lips
Henna Lips is a semi-permanent, two-tipped lip liner based on 100% natural ingredients. Since Henna Lips is water base...
Vitamin Lip Liner
A new product with an added value brought by the double application: * Automatic outliner + nib-end. * An automatic up and down disposable pencil with a nib-end (eye shadow and lip pencil). * A modern, matte-finish, automatic pencil with exclusive eye shadow and lip pencil applicators. * A new and original product in stylized forms. * A perfect combination of design and practicality in woman's make-up. * The double action enables quick, convenient and simple application, perfect for modern lifestyles.
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